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Aneka by Manjrasoft Pty Ltd

.NET cloud computing software platform

Manjrasoft Pty Ltd is an innovative provider of choice for application acceleration services and solutions over Cloud. Manjrasoft's founder and CEO, Dr. Rajkumar Buyya , is a globally recognized thought leader in the field of Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing , and has immense industry knowledge and strong personal links to key industry players (such as Microsoft ,CA and IBM) in the research and product architecture/management domains. Manjrasoft is charged with commercializing the Grid and Cloud computing software technologies developed by the Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory at the University of Melbourne

Aneka technology primarily consists of two key components: 1) SDK (Software Development Kit) containing application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools essential for rapid development of applications. Aneka APIs supports three popular Cloud programming models: Task, Thread, and MapReduce; and 2) A Runtime Engine and Platform for managing deployment and execution of applications on private or public Clouds. One of the notable characteristics of Aneka PaaS is to support provisioning of private cloud resources ranging from desktops, clusters to virtual datacenters using VMWare, Citrix Zen server and public cloud resources such as Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, and GoGrid Cloud Service. The potential of Aneka as a Platform as a Service has been successfully harnessed by its users and customers in three various sectors including engineering, life science, education, and business intelligence.

AppLogic by 3tera / CA Technologies

cloud computing software platform

3tera (acquired by CA Technologies in 2010) is among the pioneers in the cloud computing space, having launched its AppLogic system in February, 2006.

AppLogic is used by numerous service providers as the foundation for their cloud computing offerings. AppLogic is a turnkey system that converts arrays of servers into virtualized resource pools that users can subscribe to in order to power their applications. Users can define not only virtual machines but also complex application infrastructure like firewalls, VPNs, load balancers and storage, all with nothing more than a browser. Service providers offer a variety of services based on AppLogic, including: Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Private Datacenter (VPD or VPDC), Cloud data storage, Software-as-a-Service applications (including project management, issue tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM)).

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