Certification Center

Certification Center of Ukrainian Grid was created in 2008 according to the State program on December 7, 2005 № 1153 “Information and Communication Technology in Education and Science, 2006-2010” to meet the needs of Ukrainian scientific and educational community in the service of public key infrastructure, and allow the integration of Ukrainian infrastructure with European and worldwide Grid.

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a technology for authentication using public (open) keys, which is the basis of security in the Grid. It is based on the principle of trust to the cenrtification center (certification authority, CA), which certifies compliance between keys and users. Each user has a pair of private/public key, private being known only to its owner. Thus, the user that can decode messages encrypted with a particular public key, signed by the CA for identity verification, is authenticated on the resources that trust to the CA.
Certification is an autonomous body that is controlled by and subordinate to the European Organization EUGridPMA, and is situated at the site of the Center for High Performance Computing at NTUU “KPI”. The main task of CA is delivery of personal digital certificates for users and resources or services that are components of Ukrainian grid.

According to the CA’s policy, for identification there must be personal meeting with the certificate owner to confirm correspondence of indentifying document copies and originals. To facilitate this procedure the regional registration center (registration authorities, RA) in Kharkiv and Lviv were founded.
CA maintains lists of issued and revoked certificates and in cooperation with virtual organizations management service (VOMS), which currently operates in Kyiv National University, provides a framework for authentication/authorization services in the Ukrainian grid.

Detailed information about the procedure for obtaining certificates and more can be found at web-site  of UGRID CA: http://ca.ugrid.org

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