SAIT: System analysis and information technologies

Annually in May International Scientific and Technical Conference “System Analysis and Information Technologies (SAIT)” is held in Kyiv. Since 2008 special Grid section is included in its program devoted to Grid technologies in science and education. Students, postgraduate students, scientists, employees of scientific institutions and production enterprises are among the participants of the conference.

SAIT-12(year 2012), Section 3. “Grid-technologies in Science and Education”

1. Propositions for State Grid Program task implementation in the scientific, technical and socio-economic spheres of Ukraine for 2010–2013 years.
2. Development of semantic Grid-services, which operate with knowledge on the base of metadata, ontologies and methods of extraction of knowledge (Data&Knowledge Mining).
3. Training personnel for supporting of Grid-environment and its services.
4. Computer-Aided Design in Grid conditions, models and procedures of Microsystems Design.

1.Bulakh B.V. Service-oriented grid-aware computer aided design system
2.Volodin M.S. Grid technologies for business
3.Honcharenko V.S. Using ontologies to improve the accuracy of grid resources brokering
4.Doroshenko A.V., Bulakh B.V. Data integration and management in semantic grid
5.Kazimir V.V., Prila O.A. Grid application development framework design
6.Karmaz K.Yu. Database for input and output data of the interdisciplinary grid system
7.Kiryusha B.A., Gorbik A.V. Comparative analysis of the leading GPU computing technologies
8.Kiselyov G.D. Knowledge management in a virtual educational environment
9.Kyslyi R.V. On Knowledge Grid development
10.Kucher V.O. Neural network model for selection of grid resources provision heuristics at the job flow level
11.Melnyk K.V. Medical screening information system architecture
12.Petrenko A.I. Cloud and Grid computing for e-science
13.Petrova O.A. Portability, interoperability and security in cloud systems
14.Romanov V.V., Lyapin P.S., Melnichuk R.M. Design workflow composition system for GridALLTED interdisciplinary complex
15.Tkachenko K.S. Software control instrument for process execution scheduling in distributed environments
16.Kharchenko K.V. Extending LLVM with parallel instructions for message-passing system implementation
17.Khatkova I.V., Bulakh B.V. Knowledge representation in semantic grid
18.Khramov Y.A. Grid projects of the Framework Programme 7
19.Khramov Y.A. EGI - European Grid infrastructure
20.Yurchenko V.V. Review of the distributed computing instruments based on ROOT system

SAIT-11(year 2011), Section 3. “Grid-technologies in Science and Education”

1. Gorodetska N.V. Semantic Grid Implementation.
2. Pospishniy O.S. Using semantic technologies to improve Grid resource management.
3. Bilobrova O.O. Grid system for sciences about Earth.
4. Bulakh B.V. Composition of web and grid services for solving applied problems.
5. Vishnevskiy V.V., Illin K.I., Yankovskiy V.V. SCP-ECG electrocardiograms visualization grid service for Ukrainian National Grid.
6. Vishnevskiy V.V., Illin M.I., Illin K.I. Electrocardiograms population research application implementation for Ukrainian National Grid.
7. Gemba O.V., Moravetskaya V.V. Operations on the semantic search systems ontologies.
8. Golubovskiy A. V., Georgizova-Gay V. S. Creation of single-level grid system on the Condor platform.
9. Gordienko R.O., Kopychko S.M., Lavrenyuk A.M. Resource and job scheduling optimization methods for grid system.
10. Gubarev O.M., Krikun A.P. Creation of informational grid library for National Grid Infrastructure.
11. Zelenyuk O.A., Gorodetska N.V. Simulation process web services.
12. Ignatko Y.Y. Grid systems interoperability.
13. Izmailov E.A., Lunchenko E.A. Semantic grid for science and engineering.
14. Kargin A.O., Kozhemyakin Y.O., Kozhemyakin A.Y. Creation of regional high-performance grid-technology center.
15. Kiryusha B.A. Distributed authorization in distributed systems.
16. Kiselev G.D. Adaptive control with use of context.
17. Kontsevoi D.V., Georgizova-Gay V. S. Using of BOINC system in corporate computer network.
18. Kucher V.O. Fuzzy-set approach to job execution scheduling in grid systems.
19. Lisitskaya A.A., Maschenko E.N. Research on algorithms of distributed scheduling in grid.
20. Lunchenko O.O. Data integration in semantic grid.
21. Osmanova T.M., Lunchenko O.O. Semantic grid in molecular research.
22. Plyukhina N.A., Maschenko E.N. Analysis of scheduling algorithms with resource division in grid.
23. Rykovskiy S.K. Service-oriented architecture for knowledge-based systems.
24. Svirin P.V., Petrenko A.I., Svistunov S.Y. Grid-site load estimation algorithms.
25. Sergeeva L.M. Semantic grid infrastructure for biomedicine applications.
26. Starovoitenko D.S. Distributed intelligent data analysis (Distributed Data Mining).
27. Stirenko S.G., Grubiy P.V., Gribenko D.V. Increase of effectiveness of parallel computations for molecular dynamics problems modeling with use of CUDA technology.
28. Fishman D.E. Ontology-based grid resource selection.
29. Khondar V.S. Ensuring of functional compatibility of systems on semantic level.
30. Chekaliuk V.V. Utilization of virtualization for grid job execution.
31. Shynkariuk D.Y. Grid infrastructure modeling.
32. El Djuveidi R.R. Automatic web services composition in semantic grid environment.

SAIT-10 (year 2010), Section 3 « Grid technologies in science and education »

1.    Artyukhova A.V. Distributed computing infrastructure BOINC.
2.    Bevz S.Y. SPARQL query language for RDF.
3.    Beznosik A. Y., Skripka M.Y., Zelenyuk A.A. Arrangement of multi-user web-access to CAD software ALLTED.
4.    Bulakh B.V. Grid services for intelligent data analysis.
5.     Volk M.A., Gridel R. N., Filimonchuk T.B. GRASS simulation system for grid infrastructure modeling.
6.    Gemba O.V., Goncharenko V.S. Comparative analysis of ontology generation toolkits.
7.    Gemba O.V., Sereda A.A. Initial analysis of text in natural language in automated ontology generating system.
8.    Gromovoy A.V., Schevtsov A.A., Stavitskiy E.V.  Software for in-game teaching and knowledge monitoring.
9.    Drozd O.Y. Data and metadata in semantic grid.
10.    Dyachenko M.S., Yaremenko A.K. Research task generating subsystem for ALLTED cad tool.
11.    Ivanchenko R.M.  Requirements that must be met by scientific institution website to raise its Webometrics rating.
12.    Kiselev G.D. Educational portal of virtual university.
13.    Kobilynskiy O.A., Kornachevskiy Y.I. Research on methods for arrangement of parallel computing on graphic processors.
14.    Kovalenko A.O. Research on parallel implementations of neuron networks on multiprocessor systems.
15.    Kornachevskiy Y.I. Data mining systems.
16.    Kravchenko A.V. Utilization of ontological approach for student knowledge checking.
17.    Kravchenko O.V. Utilization of grid system in educational process.
18.    Ladogebets V.V., Kramar A.V., Finogenov A.D. Methods of controlling of dynamic analysis of compound objects.
19.    Ladogubets V.V., Kuts P.O., Fishman D.E. Reduction of data transfers in parallel RSDSI algorithm (Random Search with Decreasing Search Interval).
20.    Lysenko E.A. Ontology of educational segment of national grid infrastructure of Ukraine.
21.    Melnichuk S.F. Representation of linguistic data in knowledge base of automated ontology generation system.
22.    Moroz S.V. Semantic model for informational resources content.
23.    Petrenko A.I., Olenovich E.V. Cloud computing in grid technologies.
24.    Petrenko A.I., Khondar V.S. Ontology generation toolkits.
25.    Petrova O.A. Comparison of RDF and XML – internet standards which provide semantic interoperability in web.
26.    Popov O.O., Kot D.M. Graph visualization tools.
27.    Romanov V.V., Lyapin P.S., Melnichuk R.M. Web editor for electric circuits.
28.    Romanyuk O.M., Sapigora A.S., Svistunov S.Y., Marchenko O.I. Creation of scientific applications run-time environment in grid using Gridsphere and Vine Toolkit as a part of complex scientific gateway.
29.    Kharchenko K.V. Parallel method of comparing of geometrical data.
30.    Chekaliuk V.V. Peculiarities of different types of grid middleware.
31.    Yaremenko A.K., Dyachenko M.S. Arrangement of web access to ALLTED cad toolkit subsystems.

SAIT-09 (year 2009), Section 3 « Grid and high-performance computing systems in science and education »

1.    Burmako Y.N. Utilization of grid structures in LHC data processing. Worldwide LHC Computing Grid project.
2.    Volk M.A., Grydel R.N., Dyachenko K.Y. Elements of distributed simulation model for grid systems.
3.    Volk M.A., Filimonchuk M.A., Filimonchuk T.V. Research on task distribution methods for grid systems.
4.    Gubarev O.M., Krikun A.P. Task scheduling using Condor and GridSolve/NetSolve.
5.    Demin A.V., Kutsenko A.S., Kolbasin V.A. Use of CUDA technology for evaluation of scintillation parameters in gamma-ray chamber detectors.
6.    Zozulya E.I. The outlook for the grid technologies in Ukraine.
7.    Karpenko D.N., Svistunov S.Y., Khondar V.S. Creation of portal for national grid infrastructure of Ukraine.
8.    Kiselev G.D., Kazantseva M.S., Turash T.I., Romanov V.V. Remote learning course “User actions in grid infrastructure”.
9.    Kiselev G.D., Zelenyuk A.A., Kievskiy O.G., Olenovich E. V. Utilization of GridSphere platform for grid portal creation.
10.    Kornich V.G., Kudermetov R.K., Kornich G.V. Acceleration optimization for parallel molecular-dynamic algorithm.
11.    Kostenko V.G. Cluster implementations of informational queuing systems.
12.    Kuznetsov G.V., Bubnov A.O. General trust metrics evaluation model for regional grid segment informational security level improvement.
13.    Ladogubets V.V., Kramar A.V., Finogenov A.D. Analysis of order choice effectiveness in implicit numerical integration method based on high-order differences.
14.    Maykiv I.M. Software-hardware technique for serial interface controller implementation.
15.    Stirenko S.G., Kushnirenko N.V., Khondar V.S. Techniques for increase of tasks passing effectiveness in grid environment.
16.    Kharchenko K.V. High-performance systems based on GPU.
17.    Tsoorin O.P., Ivanchenko R.M. Automated tools for increase of worldwide Webometrics rating of scientific institutions web sites.
18.    Shevchik D.O. Use of planning techniques based on genetic algorithms for scheduling in grid.
19.    Yurich M.Y. Computing system scheduler load-balancing effectiveness evaluation.

SAIT-08 (year 2008), Section 3 « Grid and high-performance computing systems in science and education »

1.    Velichkevich S.V., Kornachevska Y.I., Popov O.O. Parallel genetic algorithms.
2.    Voevoda A.A., Kolesnik V.S. Middleware services for DBMS.
3.    Volk M.A. Event management in distributed simulation system for grid infrastructure modelling.
4.    Volk M.A., Filimonchuk M.A., Kornienko T.V. Analysis of artificial immune systems usage in grid infrastructure.
5.    Georgizava-Gay V.S., Bachinsky V.A. Choosing of the routing protocol for corporate network.
6.    Drobyna V.S., Kedrovskiy M.A., Kravtsov C.V. Grid portal for circuit simulation system.
7.    Zinoviev G.M., Martinov E.S., Svistunov S.Y. Grid infrastructure for scientific researches in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
8.    Znakhur S.V. Concept of information search in grid network.
9.    Illyashenko M.B. Resource reservation in grid networks for parallel computation support.
10.    Kazakov Y.V., Kiselev G.D., Molyavko A.S. Research on delays in data transmission packet networks using NS2 modelling toolkit.
11.    Kalyuzhniy O.O., Povzun S.M. Graphical image recognition using neuron networks.
12.     Karpenko D.N., Svistunov S.Y. Use of GridWay metascheduler to provide functional compatibility of Globus Toolkit 4 and ARC based grid infrastructures.
13.    Kirilenko I., Kharchenko K.V. Linear equation systems paralleling in Modelica.
14.    Kiselev G.D., Romanov V.V. Marketing of remote learning computer network.
15.    Kobilinskiy O.A., Kornachevskiy Y.I. Research on PHP technology for informational portal creation.
16.    Kornachevskiy Y.I., Pidoplichko V.S. Research on effectiveness of parallel computations execution on different technologies.
17.    Kravchenko O.V., Vlasenko O.I. Development of middleware for applied problem computation with use of grid technologies within a university.
18.    Krukovskiy M.Y. Oriented graphs – informational processes dynamics modelling tool.
19.    Kudermetov R.K. Service-oriented approach to compound systems processing.
20.    Kulanov S.A. Grid system model creation based on Petri nets with queues.
21.    Kutsenko A.S., Kolbasin V.A. Utilization of video cards computational power for raster image processing acceleration.
22.    Listrovoy S.V., Minuhin S.V. Methods of arrangement of resource distribution in grid systems.
23.    Lukashevich P.V. Research on parallel algorithms of detection and tracking of dynamic objects in video sequence.
24.    Makarov L.O. Creation of educational grid on basis of Alchemi.
25.    Semchuk R.V. Method of request processing in DBMS for grid systems.
26.    Sinitskiy M.V. Implementation techniques and operating conditions of program multipliers on programmable logic arrays of FPGA family.
27.    Tsoorin O.P., Bezkorovainiy E.V. Web site for national grid infrastructure of Ukraine.
28.    Shvachyn G.G., Shmukin A.A. Parallel computational algorithms development peculiarities for metallurgic thermal physics problems.
29.    Shelestov A.Y. System approach to ecological monitoring grid systems modelling.
30.    Kussul N.N., Shelestov A.Y., Skakun S.V. InterGrid Infrastructure for Natural Disaster Monitoring.

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