Scientific and Engineering Program

“The development of Informational and telecommunication technologies in education and science for 2006-2010”
(The Cabinet of ministers’ resolution №1153 December 7, 2005, an executive order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
№758, August 22, 2007 р.)

Task 6: “National Grid infrastructure development for scientific research”

The assignment covers the development of the high-quality Grid-infrastructure with corresponding services for granting an opportunity to national scientists to work in effective cooperation in the European Research Area and has to assist the development of the information society economics, based on knowledge, by implementation of scientific Grid conceptions and most substantial scientific applications, which are used in the Grid environment. Grid technology allows increasing of human creative potential; by integration of computational capacity for most important applications it allows geographically distributed user collaboration and interaction.
With the fulfillment of task the following problems would be solved:
• Research Supply of the Ukrainian International Data Center (UIDC). It will grant its users a remote access to global scientific data, possibility of sharing of computer data, unique experimental facilities and devices;
• Improvement and integration in cooperation with the NASU of the existing scientific and education, communication infrastructure to the national Grid-infrastructure and its involvement in the European Grid-infrastructure, that consists of a great number of national Grid-infrastructures. 
• Dissemination of information in the society about Grid-technologies and skills of its application, inherent to European countries, that have more experience in Grid usage. 
• Establishment of the Public Key Certification Center in commission with The EUGridPMA , considering the existence of the National Grid-infrastructure project and European recognition of the URAN, launching Grid users’ training.
• Service Arrangement of the National Grid-infrastructure via development of the regional resource-operation centers and fully functional groups on support, exploitation and Grid management; 

Dissemination of information about the project and user range extending; users’ training. Discovering of application’s usage and support fields; network resource provision.
• Assistance in creation of joint projects of Ukrainian scientists and foreign colleagues within international virtual organizations, covering sustainable development problems, geophysics and design computerization by providing their informational support.

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