Scientific and Engineering Program
“The development of Informational and telecommunication technologies for 2009-2013”

1. The Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
September 23, 2009. № 1020

The State goal-oriented scientific and engineering program of Grid-technology 
usage and implementation approval for 2009-2013
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolves to:
1. Approve the State goal-oriented scientific-engineering program of Grid-technology implementation and usage for 2009-2013 (hereinafter referred to as a Program)
2. The Department of Economics to annually include the Program’s assignments, events and performance to sections of the State Program of the economical and social development of Ukraine with suggestion of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Science of Ukraine  
3. The National Science Academy, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Health Department to submit information about program execution to the Cabinet of Ministers and to the Department of economics till April 15, every year.  

Prime minister of Ukraine 
Y. Timoshenko

You can make a close study of the decree and of the Program on the governmental portal
(menu "Normative legal basis”, "Documents’ data base" section , documents №1020 and №1020-00 September 23,2009)

2. The main part of the Program

The Informatization of different parts of public life influences the development of world economic. It provides efficient economics’ re-building, precipitates its growth and causes social transformation of the society.
Development an implementation of new information technologies, especially grid-technologies in science, industry, humanitarian sphere for the past 10 years by the pace of development leaves Internet, that has become an integral part of our lives, behind. Developed countries appropriate significant funds on grid-technology research, on the development of national grid-infrastructures, on international cooperation support in this field.
Supplement of the Existing Internet, with possibilities to execute with help of grid-technologies gigantic computation amounts, develops system, that can be called- computation Internet. 
Grid-technology usage went beyond performed scientific research and found a new wide implementation in economics, education and medicine. The National Grid-infrastructure availability in Europe is a mighty integration factor that contributes to interpenetration and national economics integration creates new opportunities for cooperation and interaction in science, business, and culture.
Transition of Developed countries from postindustrial to information society causes provision in implementation of new information and communication technologies in education, science, medicine etc. Development of open global science and education systems and grid-technology usage lead to fundamentally new forms of scientific research and education organization. 
Experience of different countries proves that grid-technology usage in economics, industry and social sphere has strong impact on pace of development of the society. 

3. Program Purpose

Program purpose is a development of the national grid-infrastructure and broad implementation of grid-technologies in all social-economic spheres in Ukraine,
Technical terms’ provision (high-speed fiber optic channels that connect elements of the grid-infrastructure), adaptation of the existing application software for grid-technology, and development of new applications, users’ system training

4. Problem-solving methods

New comprehensive approach will be carried out for Program Purpose achievement. It includes:
– Computation resource development on the basis of new processor and computation nodes for solving scientific and theoretical and practical assignments.
– Communication infrastructure creation, Internet channels particularly.
– Middleware development and development of the special software adapted for grid-computations
– Creation of combined informational resource protection system in the national grid-infrastructure;
– Management system development
– Establishment of Regional branches of certificate center for service registration and user authentication in the Ukrainian and world Grid
– Development of Grid-technology user Training and retraining system

5. Program’s tasks and measures

Program priority tasks are:
– Development and systematization, integration of following components: computer, communication and program resources to the National Grid-infrastructure adjusted for information security.
– Adaptation and implementation of Grid-technology in domestic multi-processor computer systems
– Adaptation and implementation of Grid-technology in scientific research, of national science institutions into world scientific-space, involvement of Ukrainian scientists in modern unique experiments, computer results processing and in virtual scientific forums.
– New method of medical service (development of distributed diagnostic data bases, usage of telecommunication equipment including large-scale computer analysis of medical data in consultations and councils of physicians) 
– Geophysics, meteorological, cosmic research result processing in On-line mode, real time mode
– Arrangement of conditions for grid-technology implementation in economics, industry, financial activities, social sphere;
- Creation of a new Grid-technology user training system
Execution of Program tasks will be fulfilling with consideration of economic and social strategy of region development, conditions and perspectives of information and communication technology development, newest achievements in information sphere.

6. Expected results, Program efficiency

As a program result:
1. High-performance national resource centers and local network on computation grid-nodes will be developed; they will be connected with high-speed fiber-optic channels and will have installed middleware. The national Grid-network will be the same; it will support modern standards in computer technologies of world-level.
2. Grid-technology will be implemented in science, education, medicine other field of public life
3. National grid-infrastructure Coordinating authorities will be created to ensure concerted development of the national infrastructure
- Inter-department Coordinating Council, that identify general development principles, grid-infrastructure program and working plan
- Coordinating committee, that is an executive agency with authority in presentation of national grid-infrastructure in national and international affairs.
- Basic and regional coordinating centers, that are in charge of national grid-infrastructure functioning, concerted cooperation of its regional, departmental and topical components.
4. Certification center and its branches will function; they will register virtual organizations, grid-nodes and individual users according to international standards. So national grid-users will have access to international projects and computing mechanisms.
5. Necessary conditions for studying and development of theoretical and practical aspect of grid-technology will be created, new software will be developed and old one will be improved with adaptation to distributed computing.
6. Educational programs for system training for grid-technology specialists, educational grid-technology centers for seminars will be developed and embedded 
7. Thanks to the involvement of Ukrainian national grid-infrastructure participants in the international virtual organizations, international scientific society and scientific and engineering cooperation are appreciably liven up

The detailed expected Program results are given in attachment 3.
Program implementation will meet requirements of scientific, fundamental and social spheres of national economics in computing resources that today are insufficient in Ukraine and restrain its scientific and engineering development in various directions.
Grid-technology adoption and application will allow using computer resources more efficient and will assist further social, scientific and engineering integration with European and world developed countries. Considering western countries’ experience, where national grid-infrastructures already exist, we need to expect that thanks to the grid-technology, required computational power will cost less on 25-30% than using standard computers with total equal capacity.

7. Organization of Program Implementation

Inter-department Coordination Council For coordination of the Program implementation was established. Zahorodniy A.G.-research supervisor of the Program, chief of the Institute of theoretical physics M.M. Bogolyubova, NASU academician is its head. And for current organizational activity the Program Coordination Committee was established.
You can study membership and work functions of the Coordination Council and the Coordination Committee, that also consist of the MESU members on Program’s site ( )

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