Program Assignment

The first year of implementation of the State Grid-technology program -2010- was rather successful and in the same time it was rather difficult especially concerning financial aid that was scheduled by the Assignment program. Almost 70 NAS Ukraine institutions took part in the Competition in 2010, 29 projects became winners. The Ministry of Science and Education and also the Ministry of Public Health didn’t get budgetary financing from the Grid technology Implementation Program, so they didn’t announce a competition , although indispensable technical conditions for NAS competition projects on grid-technology, connected to explicit Program assignments, were prepared:

State goal-oriented program Assignment

Directions of MES grid- projects and their technical requirements

1. Creation and development of material and technical resources of the national grid infrastructure and its integration in international grid environment

Assignment 1.2: Development and implementation of regional grid operating centers with sufficient server capacity for managing, monitoring, technical and information support for grid and cluster users in a given region, working with middleware gLite, providing training and workshops for users

Assignment 1.3: Completion of the national resource center on the basis of the NTUU "KPI" cluster with the computing resources power and storage resources (no less than 8 Tflops and 100TB) and bandwidth of communication channels (not less than 300Mbit / s)

Assignment 1.4: additional equipping of existing clusters and Grid access platforms in leading universities and their connection to the national grid network, there should be a gLite installed in cluster, minimum number of servers for Grid access platform is 2 computational and 2 controlling, minimum bandwidth is 10Mbit/s. (assignment 1.4)

Assingment1.5: Increment in throughput of the national education and academic grid network (at least 300 Mbps) for the functioning of grid clusters in research centers of NAS and MES

Assignment1.6: Increment throughput between the grid clusters in Ukraine and foreign grid and cluster databases - at least 500 Mbps.

Assignment1.7: Video creation of conference facilities, equipped with a set of technical means for video conferencing with the goal of Grid training and seminars, cooperation of virtual organizations (VO) created in grid environment

2. Development and implementation function technologies of grid-infrastructure

Assignment 2.1: Implementation of training service and support service, including installation and configuration of middleware gLite in educational institutions in the country

Assignment 2.3: Development and implementation of modern grid portal of base and regional grid - centers based on the combination of grid technologies and Web technologies - and provides services using application packages in the grid - environment

Assignment 2.4: Development and implementation of distributed certification services for users and resources of the national grid infrastructure according to international technical specifications

3. Development of complex security system for information technologies in the national grid-infrastructure

Development and implementation of steps for public examination on Compliance of existing means and methods of grid-system informational safety with normative documents requirements on the subject of technical and cryptographic information security; development and implementation measures of system creation to protect resources in the national grid infrastructure

4. Development and implementation of grid-technologies in scientific and technical and socioeconomic spheres

Development of applications for distributed computation with web interfaces for solving scientific, engineering and socioeconomic problems in a grid environment with mandatory implementation on one of the clusters of the national grid infrastructure

5. Development of the data formation applications, storage and intellectual processing, usage for creation various databases, which are elements of grid Infrastructure

Assignment 5.1: Activities development and conduction in additional equipping of Ukrainian World Data Center (WDC) and establishing a virtual organization with 6 Russian WDC on its base

Assignment 5.2: Development and implementation of standard grid - data warehouses that can be used in the regional grid and resource centers, with organization of staff training capable of serving such a repository.

Assingment 5.3: Development and implementation of semantic grid services of the national grid infrastructure for resource allocation and task arrangement that create extra "layer of knowledge" middleware gLite and include methods and tools for building ontology and metadata schemes, various methods of extracting knowledge from data (Data Mining)

6.Organizational methodological training support for work in grid-environment and grid-technology application in science, education and other spheres.

Assignment 6.1: program Development for education of different categories of students and professionals in grid technologies. list development of basic subjects and their contents, computer training, preparation of teaching - educational materials of basic disciplines and publishing basic tutorial for Grid developers “ grid- computing environment for science and engineering "

Assignment 6.2: Development and implementation of the Ukrainian segment of international academic Grid (Grid T - infrastructure), which, provides conditions for students with opportunity to gain skills on middleware installation with all the necessary grid services

Assignment 6.3: Development and implementation of educational services on grid technologies as services of the national network URAN trough national Virtual Distance Learning Center for grid technology, equipped with facilities for video and audio lecture-broadcasting , work demonstration of grid and on-line mode grid applications, while in the regional grid centers audience with host equipment for demonstration lectures are being established

In 2011 leaders of the Program from MESU (together with NASU) moved to the State Science, Innovation and Informatization Committee of Ukraine, that announced project competition, aimed at following assignments and Program steps:

Assignment 4. Grid-technology Development and Implementation into science, industry, financial, social and humanitarian spheres:

Activity 4.1 Development of grid specialized software and grid systems for usage during scientific and theoretical and practical researches.

Assignment1. Generation and progress support of material and technical basis of the national grid-infrastructure, provision of its integration with the European and world grid-infrastructure.

Assignment 1.3 Guaranteeing capacity of fiber-optic cables of connection between grid-nodes.

Assignment 1.4  increasing Level of capacity of fiber-optic cables communication channels between national and foreign grid-nodes according to the European net GEANT-3.

Assignments 1.3 and 1.4 can be executed only as part of the projects, for fulfillment arrangement 4.1 assignment 4.

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