Grid-related master's degree research topics


1.    Ukrainian grid infrastructure modeling
2.    Semantic grid infrastructure for applications in biomedicine
3.    Earth system grid
4.    Ontology-based resource matching in the grid
5.    Semantic data interchange for  grid computing
6.    Overview of semantic grid middleware
7.    Semantic grid do for science and engineering
8.    Grid and cloud technologies
9.    Semantic grid platform in support of engineering virtual organisations
10.    Semantic-based grid resource discovery and its integration with the grid service broker
11.    Development of ontologies for ukrainian WDC information resources.
12.     Semantic service composition and process coordination
13.    Grid user and vo support
14.    Grid database services in OGSA-DAI
15.    Distributed data mining on grids: services,tools,and applications
16.    NorduGrid scheduler for large volumes of data and minimal data transfer time
17.    Grid system monitoring
18.     Text mining in the grid



1.National grid infrastructure and its regional centers and user serving.
2. Recommendations on middleware adaptation to Ukrainian conditions.
3. Basic grid infrastructure services description for further implementation.
4. Development of VO creation and serving procedure.
5. Data management system (file management utilities, directory service, replication, file transfer service, storage elements, file system security).
6. Job processing in Grid.
7. Development and maintenance of Grid project website.
8. Grid security.
10. Grid applications for computer sciences and engineering.
11. Grid application for business and economics.
12. Parallel computations algorithms.
13. Grid applications for signal processing and medicine.
14. Application of grid technologies for Ukrainian WDC activity (applied to sustainable development, geophysics, computer modeling problems)
15. Connecting KPI cluster to European and NASU grid segments through URAN-GEANT network.
16. Virtualization of PCs with the help of Grid technology.
17. Development of grid portal for user training with simulation of authentication and authorization procedures and resource access from the Internet.
18. Development of user training programs and guides on the basis of grid portal.
19. Development of regulations for expanding the Ukrainian grid infrastructure with new segments.

Ukrainian (UA)Russian (CIS)English (United Kingdom)