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This site was open in 2007 for accompaniment of project "National Grid infrastructure development for scientific research" of the State Program IKT (2006-2010), that was implemented by the team of 10 national universities, institutes and companies and that lead to development of an educational segment of the national grid-infrastructure, based on joint use of the most powerful at that time Ukrainian cluster NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”. Approximately at the same time another program “Implementation of grid-technology and clusters development in NAS Ukraine” was successfully executed, resulting in creation of the Ukrainian academic grid, with infrastructure more than 20 grid-clusters, being built in NAS Ukraine institutions.
Considering almost matching project goals, engagement about integration of academic and educational computing and other resources was entered and accomplished with intention of development of the single Ukrainian National Grid, according to the new State Program for grid-technology implementation in 2009-2013. The National Academy of Science and the Ministry of Science and education of Ukraine were customers and developers of the Program.
That’s why our site in new conditions was substantially modified and reorganized into an grid-portal which represents the NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” participation in development of the single national grid-infrastructure , results of grid- technologies introduction in an education, professional training and grid-customers supporting by computing and other avaliable resources.

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